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11 Ways to improve online engagement

Let’s face it, online engagement can be challenging.  And it’s not going to get easier any time soon!  Thirteen months into the coronavirus pandemic, vaccinations are under way, and there is hopeful talk of returning to offices and schools this fall. But that’s still months away, and there’s a widespread belief that even though there may be a partial return to workplaces by September, virtual, or at least hybrid, work will continue well next year, and maybe even later.

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That means if you’ve been deferring in-person training, or postponing community consultations, or delaying product or service presentations to your clients until “things are back to normal,” it’s time to give up on that pipe dream and achieve these objectives through online methods. But online engagement can be dicey!

Your event attendees are frequently distracted, and getting them to participate and interact can be akin to pulling teeth. When you factor in the love-hate relationship most people have with their screens by now, achieving business outcomes from your online event may seem impossible. Not so! Intelligent event design can make your participants connect emotionally and contribute thoughtfully.

My column published this morning in The Globe and Mail outlines 11 proven ideas to make your online events more engaging and interactive.

Zoom gloom? Here are eleven ways to make your online events more engaging

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, here is a direct link to the column on their site:  If you’re a subscriber to the print edition, my column is expected to publish there on Wednesday.

So what are your ideas?  What are you doing to create more online engagement?  Whether it’s training, or consultations, or presentations, or meetings, I’d love to hear about your go-to approaches.  Please share by commenting below.

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