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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The (only) four reasons for employee non-performance

If you have responsibility for people management, then you know that sometimes employees don’t meet job expectations to the level that is required. What you may not have realized though is that there are only four possible reasons why! In the latest issue of CGA Magazine, I outline the four possible reasons for employee non-performance, and (perhaps more importantly) give you two logical steps to manage the situation more effectively. Continue reading

Holding on to your best and brightest employees – live audio event on February 6

If you’ve got great employees then you know that they’re in high demand! But what are you doing – really doing – to keep your best and brightest from walking out the door? Many leaders I ask this question of say “nothing”, but just as many get a perplexed look on their faces because they haven’t even thought about it! But if you’re not taking planned and deliberate actions to keep your top talent from walking out the door, then you’re jeopardizing your continued success.

If you want to learn specific and practical steps that you can take to engage and hold on to your top workers, then my upcoming audio conference is exactly what you need. “Stars That Shine – How to retain your best and brightest employees” is one fast-paced power hour during which I’ll tell you what you need to know, and perhaps more importantly, specifically what you need to do to prevent your stars from jumping ship. Continue reading

Celebrate what you accomplished in 2012

January is always a great time to not only set goals and objectives for the upcoming year, but also to reflect back on the accomplishments of the year past. For two years now, encouraged by my professional colleague Debbie Elicksen, I’ve taken this message to heart and created a “shipped” list for the previous year. “Shipping” refers to a concept advocated by best-selling author Seth Godin. Not shipping of books or products to a destination, but rather the “shipping” of deliverables – getting things done, achieving goals, reaching the finish line, delivering completed products and services – you know, accomplishing significant goals and objectives. Continue reading

It’s not that difficult to motivate employees!

Writer and reporter Chris Talbot contacted me late last year about an article about what it takes to motivate employees that he was writing for Service Station and Garage Management magazine.  Not surprisingly, I had some opinions and advice to share with Chris! 🙂  You can read the entire article in the December 2012 issue here:

Managing and motivating employees: Not as difficult as it sounds

(It’s a large PDF, give it a couple of minutes to download)

Take a quick skim through, and then come on back to the blog and give us some of your tried-and-true tactics that you’ve used to energize and fire up your staff by adding to the Comments below.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to employee retention?

What are you doing – really doing – to keep your top employees from walking out the door (and over to your competition)? If the answer is “nothing” (or even worse, you haven’t thought about it), then you are putting your organization’s short- and long-term success at risk. But unless you’re thoughtfully and deliberately taking action to prevent it from happening, it’s not always easy to keep your best and brightest employees from jumping ship. Continue reading

What leaders can learn from (righteous!) surfers

Experienced surfers make it look so easy! A few weeks ago, I spent some time in Hawai’i watching (from the comfort of my beach chair) skilled surfers ride the waves with acrobatic precision and ballet-like choreography. I noticed that each one followed a very similar routine before venturing into the water. Every single surfer walked up to where the waves lapped the shore and then stopped and scanned the ocean for several minutes. Next they waded in up to their knees and paused and assessed the water again. This observation interested me enough that I asked two of them about the significance of what they were doing. Their answer was not entirely unexpected. Continue reading

Keep stress levels low all year, not just during the holiday season

Happy new year everyone!

The latest issue of Insider HR Magazine (published by the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation for its employees) features a story about how to “sanely navigate through the holiday season and arrive in the New Year with a smile and some new-found energy.”  I was honored when editor Susan Marshall-Scorgie asked if she could quote me in the article.  Read the short (one-page) story Twelve Tips for the Holiday Season and then come on back to the blog and share your ideas in the Comments section below.  Even though the holiday season is at an end, it’s never a bad time to learn more from each other about how to keep stress levels low!