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One tip to get the results you want from your emails

EmailIn today’s business world, e-mail is probably the most commonly used form of written communication, yet unfortunately, it gets misused a lot, or often, not to its full potential.  Most people are deluged in so much e-mail that if your message is not succinct, to the point, and compelling, your email will get lost somewhere in the chaos. Whether you’re just seeking to inform others, get them to respond, or even convince them to change their minds about something, a well-crafted email will make all the difference.  If you want to finesse your message so that you can not only convey your message effectively, but also get the results and outcomes that you desire, then here’s one critical thing you should do before you start typing. Continue reading

The benefits of mass collaboration

CGA0506-2013CoverIn his 2006 bestseller Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, Don Tapscott tells the amazing success story of how Goldcorp’s CEO Rob McEwen bucked the trend in the conservative and highly-secretive gold-mining industry and shared the company’s proprietary data with the world.  That was in 2000, so you’d expect that thirteen years later, legions of leaders everywhere would have been motivated my McEwen’s amazing success to embrace the open sharing of information and expertise.  Not so!  Continue reading

Four questions to ask yourself before you call or attend a meeting

BloodyMeetingsEvery so often, the subject of “meetings” comes up in conversations with my clients, and invariably, no one seems to have anything good to say about them!  Why then do they continue to be such a integral part of the business workday?  The answer of course is because meetings don’t HAVE to be agonizing, ineffective and a waste of time.  In fact, if handled correctly, meetings can accomplish great things – elevate communication, generate new ideas, further morale, establish goals, build strong teams, and so much more!  So before you call or attend a meeting, ask yourself four very important questions to determine whether or not you should: Continue reading

Live webcast: Essentials of Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional LeadershipThe great folks at PDNet and CGA Canada have invited me to deliver a live webinar “Essentials of Exceptional Leadership” later this week on Thursday May 23, 2013 at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time. If you’ve never attended a live webcast before, it’s a great way to get focused relevant learning right at your desk. Using just your desktop or laptop computer, you’ll be able to view and hear the webcast. Priced at just $99, it’s a steal of a deal! Plus, a recorded version of the webcast will be available to all participants for one year SO DON’T DELAY! To register, or get more information, go to Continue reading

A yo-yo versus a pendulum: a metaphor for leadership

PendulumClockDr. Michelle May is my professional colleague, and a physician who focuses on mindful eating.  Her entire philosophy is to get people to shift their thinking from yo-yo dieting to a more gradual approach.  “The problem with the metaphor of a yo-yo is that are only two options — up or down,” says Dr. May.  “You’re either tightly wound up around rules and restrictions or you’re unraveling towards the bottom again.  You’re either dieting or you’re on a binge!”  Gradual weight management on the other hand is more like a pendulum.  While there are still the two extremes of using all your energy trying to stay in control (so dieting) and spinning out of control (bingeing), there is also the gentle arc somewhere in the middle where you are in charge.  And it’s that arc of the pendulum that should be your objective.

It occurred to me that this metaphor of the yo-yo versus the pendulum is also very applicable to leadership.  Continue reading

How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes – live audio event on May 22

leadership3When you make that big move into a position of leadership, the skills that made you successful in the past are likely to cause you to fail as a new leader! Earlier, you were probably recognized and rewarded for your track record in getting things done; but when you have staff that report to you, your success is now measured by how well you can get other people to get things done. And that’s not always as easy as you might hope!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your leadership role for a while, or if you’re just aspiring to a supervisory or team leader position, Continue reading

Working with Millennials – view them as free agents

Millennial02Earlier this week I blogged about what it takes to tap into the incredible energy and potential that Millennials can bring to your organization.  Specifically, I talked about giving them respect, despite their youth.  Here is a second specific way that you can attract, engage and motivate the youngest generation in your department or company. Continue reading

Working with Millennials – give them respect (despite their youth)

Millennial01The Millennial generation (also known as Generation Y) is a rapidly-growing demographic in today’s workplace.  Defined as those born between 1980 and 1994 — so roughly between the ages of 19 and 33 — they have puzzled, bewildered and in some cases frustrated their Baby Boomer and Generation X managers and supervisors. Millennials see the world through different value filters than those who came before them, and in many cases, this leads to tension and workplace conflict between the generations.  The truth is that Millennials are the most creative, adaptable, realistic, tolerant, and technologically-savvy group to ever arrive in the workplace, and they can take you and your organization to amazing places that you may have never imagined.  BUT … only if you know how to tap into this immense potential.  Not surprisingly, I am often asked about how to work more effectively with Millennials.  So this week, in today’s and my next post, I’ll give you a couple of specific ideas. Continue reading

Who are you ignoring? (or why it’s so important to acknowledge everyone around you)

BollywoodMovieLast month I experienced a Bollywood movie in an Indian movie theatre. For those unversed in such amusements, Bollywood movies are legendary for their melodramatic storylines and catchy song-and-dance numbers, and wildly popular amongst the locals.  The movie itself was an exhilarating feast for the senses, but the event I really remember occurred even before I entered the theatre.

Because of terrorist threats in recent years, you are required to endure airport-like security before you can enter a movie house in India.  You place your handbag on the x-ray belt, walk through a metal detector, and then you’re patted down by a security guard before you can get to the popcorn and candy counter.  As I walked up to the security guard for my pat-down, I wished her good evening and asked her how she was. Continue reading