Year: 2014

We’ll be back on January 9!

As is customary for us at this time of the year on the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog, we are taking a short break over the holiday season. I’ll be back full-steam ahead on Friday January 9. In the meantime, all of us here hope that you and your loved ones have a festive, joyous, […]

Sentiment (emotional intelligence) HAS a place in business!

A long-time subscriber (thanks Ric!) sent me this quote stated boldly by a villain in an old Boston Blackie movie: Sentiment has no place in business And he posed the question – true or false? Well (not surprisingly 🙂 ), I have an opinion. I say “false”, absolutely false. And that’s because “sentiment”, to me, […]

One phrase that can sabotage your credibility

I’ve blogged previously about how we sometimes use phrases that cause us to be viewed by others as tentative, unsure, and hesitant, and thus inadvertently minimize our power, credibility and impact. See Phrases that diminish your power of persuasion. I heard another one recently – “This won’t take more than just a minute.” It was […]

Defensiveness in employees – who is really at fault?

Last week I received an unexpected phone call from a speaking colleague that made me think about defensiveness in employees in a whole new light. This colleague called because she wanted to offer me “feedback” about an email I’d sent her in which I was soliciting support for a charitable cause launched by our professional […]