Month: March 2014

How to reduce employee turnover

When companies talk about sustainability, normally they are referring to financial health.  But it’s just as important to build strength and sustainability in your workforce as it is to build it on your balance sheet.  And it’s a leader’s job to create an organization with low employee turnover, a department where people come … AND […]

Intergenerational conflict arising from dated policies and procedures?

Last week I was working with a group of about 60 leaders in a large energy company, focusing on helping them maximize performance in their multi-generational work teams. A lot of our dialogue centered on the intergenerational conflict that arises from differences in values and work styles between the four generations in today’s workplace, and […]

Phrases that diminish your power of persuasion

Are you inadvertently sabotaging your power of persuasion by using words that make you seem unsure, hesitant, tentative, or unassertive?  You might be.  Here are some phrases that you should never have in your business vocabulary: I might be wrong but …: the moment you utter this, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to […]

Sometimes it is better to enjoy the moment (rather than trying to understand why)

Last November I was in Manama, Bahrain and since it was my first visit to the country, I made it a point to save a couple of days to “play tourist”. One of the many remarkable places I visited was Shajarat-al-Haya or the Tree of Life, a solitary 32-foot tall Asian mesquite tree that survives, […]

Four lessons about teamwork from the meerkat

Meerkats – denizens of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa – by rights, they shouldn’t even be able to survive. They’re tiny; living in an inhospitable, dry and scorching environment; for all practical purposes, defenseless; and surrounded by predators. To add insult to injury, they have to dig for their food – and not just […]