Month: May 2014

Do men and women have the same approach to taking risks?

In her book Lean In, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to “lean in”, to “be more open to taking risks in their careers” since “being risk averse can result in stagnation.”  She suggests that women need to “overcorrect” from their current risk-averse position in order to “find the middle ground”.  Earlier this week, Professor […]

How can you build trust in the workplace?

Last week I asked the question – is trust in the workplace earned or lost?  Unexpectedly, responses were mixed: I expected the majority to subscribe to my philosophy of “You have my trust unless you prove me otherwise”, but a surprising number of managers still advocate the “Trust should be earned” viewpoint.  These unforeseen results […]

Is trust in the workplace earned or lost?

Recently, there have been a couple of situations that have occurred that have made me think about trust in the workplace, and how important it is for a strong relationship to exist between leaders and their employees.  When I first started working full-time (back in 1988!), the prevailing sentiment was that “Trust should be earned“.  […]

Active listening can be accomplished by asking questions

Active listening is a learned skill, one that gets better with use and practice.  And being a good active listener comes with rewards – not only does it give you more information on which to base your decisions and actions, but perhaps more importantly, it helps you get the best from your employees.  When you […]