Month: November 2014

To motivate employees, make work fun

I regularly blog about zero and low-cost ideas to motivate employees.  My last three posts on this subject were: Offer choices to employees Have a career discussion Let employees telecommute So this week, I thought I’d offer you two more ideas.  Today’s proven technique – make work fun. Over and over again, organizational research has […]

Active listening can be accomplished by taking notes

Earlier this week I offered up a technique to become a more active listener – paraphrasing.  And I promised I’d share one more idea today.  So here it is – take notes.  Yes, that’s right, taking notes will lead to more active listening.  I know that may sound counterintuitive – after all, taking notes would […]

An approach to deal with negative employees

Your best employees are enthusiastic, keen and eager to learn. Think of them as sponges, thirsty for knowledge, just waiting to soak up new experiences and fresh ideas. Contrast them with the other kind of employee – you know, the negative employees that are disenchanted, weary, and jaded by past encounters. They are sponges too. […]