Year: 2015

We’ll be back on January 11!

As is customary for us at this time of the year, we’re taking a short hiatus at the Turning Managers into Leaders blog. But we’ll be back, excited and energized, ready to talk and learn, on Monday January 11, 2016. I look forward to another fantastic year of sharing tips and exchanging ideas, starting conversations […]

Why CEOs should not take a vacation

My latest Leadership Lab column for The Globe & Mail is up in cyberspace! Why CEOs should not take a vacation Executive coaches often encourage CEOs in growing organizations to work “on” their business instead of “in” their business. So far, that’s pretty good counsel, and I don’t disagree. It’s the frequent follow-up conversation that […]

What long-nosed bats can teach us about teamwork

I often blog about what the animal kingdom can teach us about teamwork – Canada geese, meerkats, crabs, ants and penguins have all come up in the past. So regular readers of the blog will not be surprised by today’s post about long-nosed bats. 🙂 Long-nosed bats, endemic to Central America, have a unique approach […]

Is business networking difficult for you?

The benefits of business networking are invaluable. When you meet new people, you learn interesting ideas, build relationships outside your immediate circle, and create an environment that cultivates new opportunities. But, many people, particularly those who consider themselves introverts, find initiating conversations with strangers to be awkward and uncomfortable. In the past, I’ve addressed this […]

How to keep your best people? Support work-life balance

For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing a series of blog posts on what leaders can do to stop their best people from walking out the door. Here’s one final idea in this series – support work-life balance. When organizations and their leaders support work-life balance, what they’re really doing is recognizing that employees […]

How to keep your best people? – create a fun workplace filled with laughter

Continuing with our series on how to stop your best people from walking on the door, today’s suggestion is to create a fun workplace filled with laughter. The research shows that there is a direct correlation between workplace fun, productivity and employee retention. People who have fun at work want to come to work and […]