Month: January 2015

It’s my one-year anniversary as a columnist for The Globe & Mail!!

Warning: celebration alert! Last Thursday quietly marked an important anniversary in my world – exactly one year ago on that day, my inaugural Leadership Lab column launched in The Globe & Mail‘s Report on Business section. How to be the boss when your co-workers are your friends hit cyberspace that morning, and even though I […]

Overcome workplace negativity by letting people take action and gain control

Last week I offered up one idea on a specific action leaders can take to address workplace negativity in their teams – helping their people see the big picture. I had promised one more idea though, so here it is – let people take action and feel like they’re taking back control. When you give […]

Overcome workplace negativity by helping employees see the big picture

Workplace negativity is a reality! And often, unfortunately, negative people can end up in your organization or department. By far, the worst aspect of negativity though is that it’s toxic, it spreads beyond just one individual, usually to others the person interacts with. So it isn’t just the negative person that is the problem; unchecked, […]

Conflict can be a positive force to spur innovation

Last month, The Lawyers Weekly ran a story about how conflict can actually be a positive force to spur innovation. Writer Geoff Kirbyson interviewed me and three other experts for this article and you can read the insights we offered in the online edition – Using good conflict to spur innovation: a team of ‘yes […]

Implementing change should be like shaking a champagne bottle

As we kick off the new year, people everywhere make promises, to themselves and others, to make changes. Whether it’s in the professional or personal arena, the start of a brand new year always seems like a good time to stop doing, start doing, improve or enhance aspects of our lives. And if you’re in […]

Two of my Leadership Lab columns made the top two in The Globe’s Top Ten!

As regular readers of the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog know, I write a regular Leadership Lab column for The Report on Business in The Globe & Mail, Canada’s most respected and widely-circulated national newspaper. On January 1, The Globe ran a retrospective on the Top Ten Leadership Lab columns in 2014, and two of […]