Month: March 2015

Variations in workplace formality lead to cross-cultural differences

A client with offices around the world recently asked me for assistance in resolving several communication issues that have arisen between their staff in different country locations. During my numerous conversations with leadership and field staff in this company, it occurred to me repeatedly that cross-cultural differences don’t just exist in companies that have global […]

Long-distance leadership? Insist that complaints be accompanied by recommended solutions

Earlier this week, I started up a dialogue about how to facilitate working relationships when you have staff who work remotely and at a distance from their home office colleagues, and my first suggestion was to set expectations for work hours and communication standards. Here is a second idea to make long-distance leadership work more […]

Long-distance leadership? Set expectations for work hours and communication standards

If you’re a manager who has staff that are located remotely, then you know that long-distance leadership has a whole different degree of complexity when it comes to communication and employee motivation. In the past, I’ve offered ideas to facilitate this kind of “virtual” leadership such as setting office hours, planning on at least one […]

Don’t let ego and pride get in the way of good leadership

I don’t often follow the sport of curling, but something happened earlier this month during the 2015 Tim Hortons Brier that caught my attention – in fact, a prime example of good leadership in action. After a heartbreaking 8-4 loss on March 2 that put them in the dangerous position of not making the playoffs, […]

When you shift your perspective, you can change your reality

I was reminded recently of the importance of being able to shift your perspective as a leader, and a parable about six blind men and an elephant that I first heard when I was a child came to mind. This parable actually has its roots in several religions of the Indian subcontinent, but the version […]