Month: July 2015

Common first time leader mistake – assuming the title means respect

Earlier this week I started a short series of blog posts on the most common first time leader mistakes by addressing this one – thinking you can control your staff. Today I have a second – assuming that the title (manager, supervisor, team leader, etc.) automatically means respect.  It doesn’t. Just because you have the […]

Common first time leader mistake – thinking you can control your staff

I recently conducted several leadership development programs for young leaders; not “young” necessarily in age, but young in terms of tenure in formal leadership roles. We got in an extended conversation about the common mistakes that new leaders make; ironically, all mistakes that are frequent enough to be well-known but only if new leaders knew […]

Overcoming reverse delegation

My latest contribution as a member of’s panel of business experts launched into cyberspace this morning. Frequent readers of the blog will recall that since May, I have been writing regular columns for the online version of Profit Magazine. And in case you didn’t know, Profit Magazine is a sister publication to Canadian business […]

Motivating staff after an employee termination – four must-do’s

A couple of years ago, I blogged about The (only) four reasons for employee non-performance in which I outlined the four possibilities that leaders should explore when trying to understand why their employees aren’t making the cut. Ultimately though, when an employee doesn’t perform to the expected level, you eventually may have no other alternative […]

Approach travel (and leadership) with an open-mind

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a statement made by Paulo Coelho, celebrated Brazilian lyricist and author, that was quoted by the valedictorian at my niece’s high school graduation. Since then I have been reading some more of Coehlo’s work, and one of his blog posts caught my attention, primarily because it illustrates, […]