Month: September 2015

Success strategies for introvert leaders – early bird deadline on September 30

Our next online event – Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader: “Quiet” CAN win the day! – is coming up quickly. In fact, the early bird deadline to register is almost here – only two more days to take advantage of significant savings – just until Wednesday September 30. If you’re an introvert, unfortunately, fair […]

Do extroverts always make better leaders than introverts?

For the last few weeks, I have been diligently researching material for a new online program I am doing next month titled Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader: “Quiet” CAN win the day! and I came across this very interesting 2011 paper that I couldn’t resist sharing on the blog today. A study in the […]

Upcoming leadership training events in Edmonton and Calgary

As many of you know, a key offering in my leadership development practice are the on-site training programs I conduct for groups of leaders in different client organizations. These programs are usually just for employees of that specific company and not open to the public. But frequently, individual leaders ask me when there will be […]

(Perceived) fairness is important if you are a leader

Fairness. Wanting to be treated fairly is a primal instinct. A concept worth considering if you are a leader. Watch this very illustrative video of an experiment conducted by Frans de Waal, famed Dutch primatologist and ethologist. This particular experiment observed how a Capuchin monkey behaved when she was exposed to what she perceived as […]

What vs how – Amazon’s leadership lost their balance

Last month, The Globe & Mail asked me to write a piece for their Weekend Commentary & Analysis section about Amazon’s controversial and (some say) “toxic” corporate culture. I blogged about the article soon after it was published in What vs how – Amazon lost sight of the difference. But this topic continues to dominate […]

Introverts make great leaders! – live online event on October 7

Do you generally tend to be quieter, more reserved, and less likely to speak up until you’ve had adequate time to think things through? If so, then you’re probably an introvert, and unfortunately often at a leadership disadvantage. Right or wrong, in a world that frequently associates outspokenness with leadership, introverts such as you are […]