Month: February 2016

Three indisputable benefits of listening

Over the years, I’ve penned many blog posts about the importance of effective listening, including the very interesting use of the word “listen” in traditional Mandarin Chinese. Today though, I thought it was worthwhile bringing up how not listening effectively actually causes people to sabotage their credibility and effectiveness. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the […]

Leadership training event coming up in Calgary

The next event in my series of “open enrollment” full-day leadership training programs in Alberta is coming up on March 10 in Calgary. This is one of twelve events that I am delivering in partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (CPA Alberta). Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Working More Effectively With Others will […]

Don’t inadvertently send mixed messages!

Last fall, my column for Profit Magazine on the five-step method for crystal-clear communication focused on how to give directions to employees in a way that they understood and acted – the first time. In today’s post, I decided to talk about why employees might not understand and act in the first place, specifically about […]

Need to have a difficult conversation with an employee?

Difficult conversations are just that … difficult … which is why so many of us keep putting them off. Has this ever happened to you? You have a problem or an issue you need to bring up with one of your employees – perhaps it’s a missed deadline, or constant tardiness, or a complaint from […]

Feedforward – stay future-focused when offering feedback

Giving negative feedback to employees is one of the hardest things that leaders have to do, so I often offer up how-to tips and ideas on the blog. One of my (many) past suggestions has been to stay future-focused in your conversation. Well I recently heard a new term to describe this approach – feedforward […]

Resilient people have an attitude of gratitude, even during tough times

I’ve blogged previously about how important it is to build resilient employees, but my guest blogger today wrote the book on the subject! I am delighted that Patricia Morgan, my professional colleague and friend, is here to discuss the topic of workplace resiliency, an issue that is even more critical today, given that so many […]