Month: September 2016

Overworking your employees? You’re the boss from hell!

Earlier this week I started a series about the characteristics of the boss from hell, prompted by my recent re-watch of the movie The Devil Wears Prada.  My last post was about how devil bosses don’t see their employees as real people (with hopes, preferences and dreams), but rather as pawns to be moved around […]

Upcoming “public” leadership training events in Edmonton and Calgary

I am often asked by individual leaders about whether I offer “public” leadership training programs, ones that are open to anyone from any organization.  Unfortunately, most of my leadership training programs are for specific client organizations, which means that only their employees can attend.  But last fall, I was delighted to announce our partnership with […]

Self-awareness: yet another inadvertent action that can jeopardize your credibility

Last week I blogged about self-awareness, and shared one example (glancing at the clock while talking to someone) of how your inadvertent actions can send a wrong message.  I had promised to give you one more and here it is – slouching.  Slouching is a sign of disrespect.  It doesn’t matter if your intentions are […]

Self-awareness: realizing that your inadvertent actions can send a wrong message

Self-confidence is a critical component of emotional intelligence, and leaders need to always have the self-awareness to walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance.  But there are many other aspects to self-awareness as well, and a very important one is being alert to how your unintentional actions or behaviour can communicate a message you […]

Leaders, how do you minimize distractions?

The topic of how to minimize distractions to maximize productivity came up again this past weekend.  My husband, an avid cyclist, rides his bicycle to work daily (at least while the weather is still cooperating).  Recently, he moved offices, and so his daily cycling route has changed.  Even though almost his entire journey is on […]