Month: January 2017

Take advantage of cumulative experience

Thirteen years ago (long before this blog even came into existence), I wrote a Mega Minute titled Learn From the Aztecs in which I outlined the “cumulative experience” approach taken by these ancient people in building their glorious city of Teotihuacan.  The original settlement of this ancient metropolis, located near present-day Mexico City, began in […]

When you offer to help, you enhance your relationship with your manager

Last week, in my second post in my recent ongoing series about how to improve your working relationship with your manager, I gave you a “don’t” – don’t correct your boss in front of others.  Today, I want to cover one last (at least for now) piece of advice in this series – look for […]

If you want a stronger relationship with your manager, don’t correct him in front of others

Earlier this week, I resurrected a topic that I’ve covered in the past, specifically some ideas on how to build a stronger working relationship with your manager.  Monday’s post was about putting yourself in the boss’s shoes. Don’t correct your boss in front of others Today is a “don’t” – something you should never do […]

A social media success story that leaders can learn from

I have long advocated that leaders need to stay abreast of evolving technology, and tuned to the impact of social media in today’s workplaces.  Something interesting happened last week that brought this message home to me, loud and clear, yet again. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for employers and employees A young professional male I […]