Month: July 2017

Dealing with narcissists at work

The July/August issue of CPA Magazine features a story about narcissists in the workplace, and how to function effectively with (or despite) them, no matter whether they are your co-workers or your boss.  Yours truly was honoured to be interviewed as an expert source.  Not just an expert source though as I come by some […]

Five keys to breaking free from accounting stereotypes

Bean-counters, number-crunchers, pencil-pushers — merely three of the common monikers often used to describe those in the accounting profession — and none of them complimentary. These labels are frequently used to disparage and belittle those who take seriously the responsibility of minding the money.  Unfortunately, negative stereotypes such as these can stunt career prospects and […]

Sexual harassment and the C-suite

Sexual harassment in organizations – lately it seems to be non-stop, and quite frankly, it’s increasingly hard to keep up.  Every few days, there is another headline news story about a senior executive (who should have known better) saying or doing something sexually inappropriate to someone junior in his organization.  And that is exactly what […]

Reduce resistance to change by helping employees feel like they have control

For the past six weeks, I’ve been offering up specific actions that leaders can take to successfully implement change in organizations.  In my last strategy in this series, I discussed one way to reduce employee’s resistance to change – reduce uncertainty.  Today’s tip is also about reducing resistance to change, this time: help your employees […]

What creates healthy employees? The Globe’s Employee Recommended Workplace Awards offers insights

Just over one year ago, I told all of you about this very cool project that was sponsored by my colleagues at The Globe & Mail – a Canada-wide survey that is investigating what companies are doing to foster a working environment that creates engaged AND healthy employees.  The definition of “healthy” doesn’t just mean […]

Reducing employee resistance to change – one approach

Following up on last week’s well-received strategy on leading successful change, here is my next piece of advice in this ongoing series, this time on how to overcome resistance to change from your employees.  The reality is that when employees perceive the change initiative to have a negative impact at a personal level, resistance to […]