Month: September 2017

Use peer pressure as a positive force in change management

Two weeks ago, I gave you change management strategy #12: Use your early adopters to build momentum.  This series has received a lot of positive feedback so I have decided to continue it for the next few weeks, so here today is change management tip #13: Use peer pressure to your advantage. Use peer pressure […]

A Moratorium on Office E-mail?

Imagine a world in which you don’t receive any work-related e-mail except during working hours. That’s right: no beeps, bells or buzzes on your smartphone announcing the arrival of e-mail either overnight or during the weekend. None, nothing, nil, nada. This is exactly the subject of my latest column in The Globe & Mail‘s weekend […]

Announcing another season of “public” leadership training events in Edmonton and Calgary

For the third year in a row, I am very excited to announce our partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (CPA Alberta), delivering high-quality cost-effective leadership skills training in a series of “public” programs.  Most of my leadership training programs are for specific client organizations, which means that only their employees can attend.  […]

When things are out of control, are they really?

Some things are entirely and wholly out of my control.  Severe weather, for example.  I cannot effect change in the weather.  Whether it’s a sweltering heatwave, a blinding snowstorm, or a stormy hurricane, I can’t make the weather calamity go away, no matter how hard I try. But, on the other hand, there are plenty […]

Change management strategy #12: build momentum by focusing on early adopters

Continuing in our ongoing series on the tips and strategies that leaders can use to achieve successful change management, here is change management strategy #12: use your early adopters to build momentum. Use your early adopters to build momentum As a leader you know that every change initiative has some employees who come on board […]

Are limited resources really a problem? Or an opportunity?

Are limited resources really a problem? Or an opportunity?

Limited resources – people, money, equipment, and time – seem to be a reality in today’s workplaces.  This is usually perceived as a bad situation with negative outcomes.  We have come to expect that limited resources will be accompanied by poor service, fewer options, and lesser quality.  But what if limited resources were actually an […]