WebQuiz How well do you delegate?
  If you have the title of manager or supervisor in your organization, you are entrusted with getting things done.  And as a leader, that means getting things done through other people.  Of course the challenge is that other people don't always do things exactly the way you think they should be done or the way you'd like them to be done.  And therein lies the challenge in delegation.  Many managers and supervisors, particularly new ones, attempt to delegate, and because they don't know how, they unfortunately fail.  And often, that causes them to vow that they'll never try it again!  However, if done correctly, delegation can be a very powerful tool in your leadership toolkit.  The following self-assessment will help you determine your level of skill as it relates to effective delegation.

Evaluate the following scenarios and statements, and assess how well each one describes (or would describe) you.  If you feel the scenario or statements reflects your actions and beliefs most of the time, select Always true as your answer choice.  Similarly, if you can honestly say that the scenario or statement does not describe you, select Never true as your answer choice.  Otherwise, select Often true or Occasionally true as the most accurate representation of your behaviours and beliefs.  Be brutally honest with yourself!
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