WebQuiz Do you have a high-performing team?
  Just imagine … a team of talented results-oriented people who are tight-knit yet self-sufficient; resourceful and imaginative yet keenly focused on your departmental and organizational goals; collaborative yet openly welcoming of healthy conflict.  Only in your dreams you say?  Not at all … it IS possible!  But it takes skill and planning by a strong leader to make it happen.  To move in that direction, you first need to know where you are today.  This self-scoring evaluation will give you a yardstick by which to assess your current status as well as a means to measure your progress towards the ultimate goal - the highly productive and top-performing team!

Thinking about your team, evaluate each of the following statements.  Be completely honest in your assessment - this diagnostic tool will only be useful to you if it is based on truthful and candid responses. 
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  Once you have evaluated each of the ten statements, click the Evaluate button to find out how your team is doing.  
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