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Does Amazon have the right corporate culture?

CanadianHRReporter_9-21-2015My column Amazon’s leadership forgot that ‘how’ is as important as ‘what’ in The Globe & Mail‘s Weekend Commentary & Analysis section prompted writer Sarah Dobson from the Canadian HR Reporter to reach out to me for an article she was writing about Amazon’s recent notoriety for their “toxic” corporate culture.

Here is a link to her piece that ran in the September 21st print and online editions: ‘Bruising workplace’ stirs up debate. In this article, Sarah speaks to four leadership experts (including yours truly) to get a greater insight into whether or not Amazon is doing the right thing. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, then you know my opinion on the subject (they’re not!), but I encourage you to read her article to get a variety of different perspectives. And then come on back here and let me know what you think. Is Amazon taking the right approach with its tough culture?

P.S. Occasionally your access to the direct link to my article at The Globe‘s site may be restricted; if that happens, you can also download the pdf version here:

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