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An unusual but effective approach to motivating employees

So today I’m back with strategy #15 in our video blog series this year – focusing on specific tips for motivating employees.  For the last two episodes, I’ve focused on using fun for motivating employees (see have dress-up and dress-down days and play games).  Fun is a great motivator and I’ll pick up on that theme again in a future instalment.  But today, I want to talk about another approach to motivating employees – give them face time with your customers.

Give your employees face time with customers

This strategy is particularly powerful with the administrative employees on your team, the people who don’t normally meet with the end-consumer of your product or service.  Usually, the face-to-face interactions with your customer happen with those who have sales or business development in their titles.  But of course, there is always a team of people back in the home office who support the sales function, some in a direct manner, but just as many in indirect ways.

So ask your sales people to take your staff in the office who administratively support the client with them on their next customer call.  Or when a client comes into the home office for a visit, include your support staff in the meeting.  Even better, have your office employee take the customer to lunch.  Not only does it give your customer greater insights into all that goes into giving them a great client experience, but it is a huge boost and vote of confidence in your employee who doesn’t normally get face time with customers.

If your department isn’t usually client-facing, then try this tip for sure – I think you’ll be very pleased with its success and its value in motivating employees.

Have you tried something like this with your administrative staff?  Would love to hear about your experiences.  Please add your comment below.

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