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Another powerful strategy for developing your employees

Today’s blog post is another instalment in our continuing video series on specific ideas for growing and developing your employees.  Today’s strategy for developing your employees is to include them in the hiring process for new staff members.

Let your high-potential employees help you hire other staff

The benefits of this strategy are two-fold.  First, the more obvious one is that it develops their skills.  If you envision that your high-potential employees are going to be the future leaders in your organization, then the skills of recruiting, screening, interviewing and selecting the right employees are ones that they need to acquire and hone.  What better way to accomplish this than to include them in the process so that they can observe and learn from you and other experts in your company.  Not only will they develop these very important skills, but being actively involved in the process gives them a first-hand insight into what it takes to get the right people in the right jobs for the success of the organization.

The second benefit is that it you are also developing your employees by building their relationship skills.  Think about this – if they are directly involved in hiring a new employee, then they are now also invested in this new employee’s success.  They have a stake in making sure that this new employee succeeds, which also means that they will be more likely to approach things from a team perspective, both for dealing with the day-to-day, as well as situations of potential conflict.

How can you involve your employees in the hiring process?

So how should you include your employees in the process when hiring for new employees?  There are several opportunities.  Perhaps you can have them participate in screening the applications and resumes, providing input into who should be interviewed.  Or take it further and include them in the interviewing process itself.  You can either have them participating in the preliminary interviews, perhaps in a panel format, or you can let them conduct peer interviews with your final shortlist.  No matter where you bring them in, the ultimate outcome is that you taking advantage of yet another way to develop and grow your people.

What have been your experiences?  Are you including your high-potential employees in your hiring efforts?  What positive (or negative) outcomes are you seeing?  Please add your comments below.

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  • Not only can staff be involved in the pre-screening; We asked the “last ones in” for feedback on their interview and asked if they would work with us to provide questions that would be more relevant to the job.. Also the second interview is actually a walk around to show the candidates where they would be working; a meeting with staff so they could be shown the day to day work. Staff appreciate being a part of the process but also candidates appreciated seeing if we would be a good fit for them.


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