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Could artificial intelligence replace accountants (or any other profession)?

Just this past April, in my regular column in The Globe and Mail, I put forward the premise that artificial intelligence is the next frontier in the evolution of customer service.  But of course it isn’t just customer service that is being impacted by artificial intelligence (AI); just about every profession and business process is affected.  Which led to the subject of my latest column for Canadian AccountantHow to prosper in the age of accounting robots.

Professionals should embrace (rather than fear) artificial intelligence

Given the significant proliferation of artificial intelligence into the world of accounting, the question being asked by many accountants is whether the accounting profession itself is being threatened.  Could accountants be replaced by automation, just like the switchboard operator, the film projectionist and the elevator operator?  And if so, what can accountants do to not only protect their careers, but prosper in the age of the accounting robots?

artifical intelligence

Three specific strategies to thrive

In this column, which just published last week, I explore three specific strategies that accountants can employ to embrace, rather than fear, artificial intelligence.  But these three lessons don’t just apply to accountants; they apply to any profession that is at risk because of the incursion of artificial intelligence.

Well, I’d love to hear from you?  Whether you’re an accountant or not, what are your perspectives on artificial intelligence and its impact on your profession?  What are you doing to ensure that you continue to remain relevant and sustainable as technology continues to develop and accelerate?  Please share by adding your comments below.

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