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mental health sick leave

Bouncing back from (or preventing) mental health sick leave

Mental health has always been an issue, but the pandemic brought it to the surface…

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compassion at work

Offering to help others IS compassion at work

Today’s post is strategy #4 in our series on tools to build more compassion at…

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The enemy of creativity is impossible

All the organizational leaders I speak to assert that they want innovation and creativity in…

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I versus We – both are powerful in different situations

In my leadership and communication programs, I often teach how to use “I” language to reduce defensiveness in others, particularly when trying to convey a message that may be perceived as negative.   “I” language is a very powerful communication tool

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compassionate leader

A compassionate leader takes the time to get to know their staff better

In our last video in this series on strategies to be a more compassionate leader, I talked about the importance of increasing your self-awareness, with a goal of recognizing when things aren’t right with your people. Get to know your

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When you improve your self-awareness, you build your compassion

In my last video in this series, I kicked off a brand-new series on tips to create a more compassionate workplace.  One of the first places to start in building your compassionate leadership is by increasing your own self-awareness as

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better decisions

Be aware of Solomon’s Paradox, and make better decisions

We have all, at some time or another, fallen victim to Solomon’s Paradox.   If you are in a leadership role, it is worth taking the time to understand this phenomenon, if for no other reason than it might help you

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role model

You are a role model – so walk the talk!

About eight years ago, I blogged about a very disturbing situation involving a Texas (so-called) veterinarian Kristen Lindsey and her now infamous cat kill.  Needless to say, this story still horrifies me.  But as difficult as it was to write

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compassionate workplace

Why should you create a more compassionate workplace?

In today’s blog post, I’m kicking off a brand-new video tip series on tools to create a more compassionate workplace.  This is the first of several videos this year on this topic. Does a compassionate workplace make a difference? A

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