Turning Managers into Leaders and People Power Into Results

adaptability in leadership style

Adaptability in leadership style is key

I have repeatedly told my clients that if they are to get the best out…

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remote team building activities

Remote team building activities are essential for your virtual or hybrid team

In today’s video tip, I’m focusing on remote team building activities.  In our post-Covid world,…

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decision-making continuum

The decision-making continuum – 5 possible degrees of interaction

The decision-making continuum is a useful model to assess what level of involvement another person needs from you in problem solving. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji shows you how it works.

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team goal collaboration techniques

Use team goal collaboration techniques to elevate your team’s performance

Leaders, have you ever wondered why some goals succeed spectacularly while others falter? In today’s team-building tool, we’re not just setting goals; we’re mastering team goal collaboration techniques.  In the next three minutes, let’s discover how to transform your vision

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achieve goals

To achieve goals, get up and get going

Last month, a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions.  And just as many didn’t.  But whether you make and keep (or don’t keep) New Year’s resolutions, we all have a need to achieve goals.  You, just like everyone else,

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Asking is more effective than commanding!

Your words matter! Asking rather than ordering, and then waiting for concurrence goes a long way towards building goodwill.

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delegation as a team building tool

Use delegation as a team building tool, leaders. It’s powerful!

Hello, leaders! Did you know that ineffective delegation can lead to a 33% decrease in team efficiency? That’s right, and today, we’re diving deep into delegation as a team building tool, transforming it from a routine task into a leadership

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How to recognize and nurture potential in your people

My latest column for The Globe and Mail went online last week.  In Ten key indicators of professional potential that point to the leaders of tomorrow, I not only outline what you as a leader should be watching for, but

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team building tools for leaders

Team building tools for leaders – Announcing our new video tips series for this year

Ever wonder why some teams soar to success while others struggle to take off? This year, I’m going to uncover that mystery in our exciting new video tip series, “Team Building Tools for Leaders”.  Whether you’re guiding a team in-person,

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