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effective meetings

For effective meetings, hold “ball” meetings

You’ve no doubt attended your fair share of business meetings; in fact, if you’re in…

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team building

Good team building is good team learning

I am thrilled that my professional colleague and friend Tyler Hayden is today’s guest on…

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employee support

Seek out available resources to offer employee support

Today’s post is another strategy in our ongoing video series on how to create a…

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workplace expectations

Workplace expectations have changed, and so should how you lead

My latest column for The Globe and Mail published on Friday.  In this article – Workplace expectations have changed in six key ways and so should how you lead – I reflect on the six significant changes that have occurred

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compassionate workplace culture

Creating a compassionate workplace culture starts with showing vulnerability as a leader

Today’s post is Strategy #13 in our continuing video tip series on what it takes to create a compassionate workplace culture.  And it is: be willing to show vulnerability. Be willing to show vulnerability Hey listen, I get it!  Allowing

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compassionate leader

A compassionate leader models self-care and work-life balance

Today I’m back with another strategy on how to be a more compassionate leader.  Today’s tip is to encourage and be a role model for self-care and work-life balance. Encourage and model self-care and work-life balance If you want to

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how will i know they're working

How will I know if they’re working?

“If they’re not in the office, how will I know if they’re working or not?”  Surprisingly, I still often hear some version of this question from managers in organizations. It reminds me of the panopticon, a concept that was originally

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make yourself available

Deliberately make yourself available to your staff

I’ve blogged previously about the importance of being present in your conversations with your employees, but today I want to come at this same subject from a more macro-perspective.  Today’s message: be seen, show your face, in other words, make

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inclusive language

Using inclusive language is not difficult

Emily Nichols is my professional colleague.  She is also an engineer who loved working in factories, but she didn’t always love being “one of the guys”.  She reminds us that words become habits, language evolves, and we control them both.

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