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Boost employee morale by offering a stress-free zone

Today’s post is another instalment in our video series on specific tactics and approaches leaders can use to build employee morale.  Last week was to allow employees to personalize their workspaces.  Today’s strategy is to create a stress-free zone in your workplace.

Create a stress-free zone in your workplace

This tactic produces positive results in any organization, but it is really valuable if your team operates in high-stress or deadline-driven setting.  Whether it’s a call centre, a trading floor, a law or other enforcement environment, or just about any fast-paced workplace, giving your staff a place they can go to unwind or calm down for even just a few minutes is a powerful employee morale booster.

Ideally the space should be a room with a door that employees can close to create a quiet area.  But if that’s not possible, even a corner of a large room can work as long as you create visual cues that there is a separation between the relaxing space and the rest of the room.  The space doesn’t have to be huge; but it should allow employees to go and take ten minutes when the day begins to overwhelm them. It is true that in the short run, no work will be done for ten minutes, but once your employees have had a chance to relax and recover, they will be far more efficient than if they were to struggle through.

Giving your people this opportunity to step away not only increases productivity, but also sends a powerful message about you as an employer, ultimately boosting employee morale.  To really kick it up a notch, consider adding art, soft furniture such as bean bags and yoga mats, and muted music.  Remember, employees that are not stressed are more productive and positive.

Do you have a stress-free zone in your workplace?  Do people use it?  Is it considered to be of value?  Please share by commenting below, I know we’d all be interested in your experiences.

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