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Breaking bad communication habits – live online event on April 30

There aren’t many things you can do that will hurt your professional and leadership success more than being an ineffective communicator. Bad communication habits prevent you from conveying your message with clarity and that means that those around you are left confused and frustrated, ultimately resulting in wasted resources and damaged relationships.  Even if you consider yourself a good communicator, the odds are still high that you’re committing a few of the cardinal sins of communication without even realizing it.  Which means that all your efforts to create positive change are thwarted by existing bad habits that you simply don’t know you need to get rid of first.  It’s time to break the cycle!

On April 30, I’ll be leading a live online event “Stop the self-sabotage!  Breaking communication habits that are hampering your success”.  In this powerful training, I’ll teach you what you SHOULD do to become more effective in what you say BUT I’ll focus first on what you should STOP doing so that you don’t inadvertently sabotage your efforts.  In one fast-paced, power-packed hour, you’ll learn how to recognize and eliminate the most common blunders you’re making, turning you into a better communicator and improving your leadership effectiveness almost immediately.

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Don’t wait! If you act by April 23, you can take advantage of early bird savings. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The unintentional ways in which you send mixed messages
  • Why passive language is less powerful than active
  • How negative phrasing is less compelling than positive
  • Four phrases that have no place in your business vocabulary
  • Why listening is the cornerstone of effective leadership
  • A simple five-step approach to make sure that your message is heard and acted upon
  • Why “losing your cool” is a losing proposition (and specific steps on how to stay calm when the temperature is rising)
  • The most common blunders in email communication (and how to avoid them)

Join me on April 30, 2014 at 11 AM MDT. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY until Wednesday April 23!

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