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Build a stronger working relationship by finding out your boss’ objectives

GoalsSignContinuing in our series of things you can do to build a better working relationship with your boss, here’s one more idea.

Find out what your boss’ objectives and key issues are.  What his financial or operational targets are?  What is going to be driving her actions in the coming year? What’s keeping him up at night?  Ask questions to uncover this information.  And as you listen, think about what you can do to help further his/her goals.  Offer to take on small components of whatever matters to the boss, or offer up solutions that you are already aware of.  Remember, when you understand your boss’ goals, you are in a fortunate position to help him or her achieve them.  And making your boss look good makes you look good!

Well, what do you think?  Is this just good business sense, or as some have told me, “sucking up to the boss”?  I obviously think the former but I’m interested to hear your perspectives.  Please add your Comments below.

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