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Build employee commitment by celebrating – our last tip in our 2018 series on motivating employees

All year, I’ve been giving you video tips on explicit actions leaders can take to motivate their people and build employee commitment for the long haul.  Last week, I went back to basics with “Provide a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment”.  Today, #33, happens to be our final strategy in this continuing series, so it seems only appropriate that it should be about a celebration.  Specifically, today’s motivating tip is to plan periodic office parties.  Let me explain further.

Plan periodic office parties

Your goal should be to maximize attendance for motivation value, so consider holding your office party during office hours, ideally over the lunch hour.  Plan to have them once a quarter, or even monthly.  Encourage employees to get involved in the planning; in fact, go as far as appointing each of your employees to one of the quarterly or monthly “planning committees” so that over the year each of your people are involved in one event.  Let them pick different themes – different countries (perhaps representing the ethnicity of your employees), different holidays, different decades, different settings (such as beach or garden).

While kicking in some money to fund the event partially will no doubt be appreciated, it’s not a requirement for these to be a success.  If you let your and your staff’s imagination and creativity come into play, you’ll find that these periodic office parties are something that your people will look forward to.

Now I know that some of you aren’t convinced.  What does having office parties have to do with employee motivation?  Don’t underestimate the value of periodic office parties such as what I have described.  They are an excellent way for your employees to casually and informally bond with each other which means better working relationships, and ultimately greater employee commitment.

So as this year comes to a close, this is my final tip in our How to motivate employees series that I started with #1: Be flexible in the application of rules.  You can access all thirty-three tips in one place in the Video section of our website I’d love to hear your feedback on this series.  Did you find the tips useful?  Did you have any notable successes?  Any cringe-worthy failures?  Please share by commenting below.

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