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decision-making continuum

The decision-making continuum – 5 possible degrees of interaction

The decision-making continuum is a useful model to assess what level of involvement another person needs from you in problem solving. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji shows you how it works.

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Cunningham's Law

Use Cunningham’s Law to get people involved and talking

When seeking to solve an issue or a problem, or charged with evaluating or implementing a new initiative, you’ve probably approached your employees and co-workers to elicit ideas and engage in discussion.  But often, it is difficult to get people

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Asking is more effective than commanding!

Your words matter! Asking rather than ordering, and then waiting for concurrence goes a long way towards building goodwill.

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effective communication

For effective communication, play more tennis and less golf!

Effective communication must involve two components – delivery and receipt.  It isn’t good enough to deliver a message; unless the message is received as intended, the communication has failed.  Which is why there must be back and forth in communication. 

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compassion at work

Demonstrate compassion at work by giving your employees weekly support

It’s been a while since I last posted in our video series, so I’m back today with another video tip on what you can do, as a leader, to encourage more compassion at work.  This time, the strategy is to

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communicate with compassion

Communicate with compassion by paraphrasing at the 3rd or 4th level

Today’s blog post is another tip in our ongoing video series on how to lead and communicate with compassion.  In Strategy #3, I spoke about getting to know your people and in Strategy #8, I talked about being a mindful

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