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Overcoming speaker anxiety

Afraid of speaking in public? You’re not alone! Workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji offers seven specific tips to overcome speaker anxiety.

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Are you “present” in your conversations with others?

When a staff member of co-worker comes to talk to you, do you get easily distracted by other pressing issues or the people around you? How does that make the other person feel?

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The case for reducing jargon in the workplace

You would never speak to business colleagues in a language they didn’t understand, but without realizing it, you might fall into jargon-laden conversations with your customers and co-workers.

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The Ten Most Difficult Conversations to Have With Your Employees (or Co-workers)

Managers and supervisors often have to have difficult conversations. Here are the 10 most common subjects, based on research from Merge Gupta-Sunderji’s leadership development practice.

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Good leaders listen to customers and employees

Air Canada’s new CEO Calin Rovinescu seems to be interested in what his customers and employees have to say. Positive approach, particularly after previous two CEOs.

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