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The art of acknowledgement: the power of workplace recognition

My latest column in The Globe and Mail is about the importance and art of acknowledgement in the workplace.  I have always told leaders that taking the time to recognize, appreciate and thank your people generates a tremendous return on

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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is good, but “belonging” is better

There is a well-known quote by diversity and inclusion expert Verna Myers that says “Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.”  And it is a statement that has resonated with me for many years

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compassionate workplace

Social connections → positive relationships → a compassionate workplace

Today’s post is Strategy #11 in our ongoing video tips series on creating a more compassionate workplace.  And the tip is to deliberately create opportunities for social interaction. Create opportunities for social connection In strategy #3 in our series, I

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compassionate workplaces

In compassionate workplaces, leaders communicate frequently and with transparency

Today’s blog post is another strategy in our ongoing video tip series on creating compassionate workplaces.  And it is: to communicate clearly and with transparency. Communicate clearly and with transparency An essential feature of compassionate workplaces is frequent, clear and

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compassionate leaders

Compassionate leaders celebrate successes and show appreciation

Today’s blog post is another strategy in our ongoing video tips series on what it takes to be more compassionate leaders.  Today is Strategy #9, and it is to make it a point to celebrate successes and show appreciation. Compassionate

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compassionate leadership

Mindful active listening is essential to compassionate leadership

In Strategy #5 in our ongoing video tip series on compassionate leadership, I talked about the importance of asking questions AND listening to the answers.  In today’s tip, I’d like to further explore the value of listening when it comes

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