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When do exaggerations and misstatements cross the line?

Is it okay to embellish the truth in order to meet personal or organizational goals? Merge Gupta-Sunderji offers her perspectives on a recent Wharton article on this subject.

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People Don’t Quit Bad Jobs, They Quit Bad Environments

What causes people to quit their jobs? And why should you care if you’re a leader? An employee’s perspective on the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog.

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Delegating effectively – why you absolutely MUST learn to let go

One not-so-familiar reason you absolutely must learn to effectively delegate in the workplace. Online self-assessment lets you evaluate your delegation skills.

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A leadership fable about how actions speak louder than words …

This manager doesn’t understand the difference between management and leadership. Do you?

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Overcome workplace negativity by feeding the grapevine

Want to take specific action on workplace negativity? Feed the grapevine! Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains how.

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Leadership in customer service – going beyond the ordinary

A small yet powerful example of how one person went beyond the basics. What are you doing to create a Wow! culture in your workplace?

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