Category: Motivation Tools

Giving constructive feedback to employees – one powerful tip

Be more effective at giving negative feedback to employees by butting out the “but”. A powerful tip to make you a better leader.

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How to motivate people on a shoestring budget

It IS possible to acknowledge and appreciate employees, WITHOUT spending a fortune! Six specific low-cost ideas that continue to stand the test of time!

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Olympic excitement offers lessons in leadership

How can you create Olympic-level motivation and enthusiasm in your workplace? Three specific ideas from leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji.

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Stop waiting for someone else to act, do it yourself

If you’re stalled, waiting for someone else to take action, it may be better to just take the initiative and do it yourself. One small Mexican village proves the point.

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The energy of momentum

Story about grassroots fundraising for Haiti relief efforts offers an illustration of the power of momentum and insights into workplace motivation.

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Praise as a workplace motivator

Sincere and specific praise is a VERY effective workplace motivator. Workplace expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji offers four explicit tips to make your praise count!

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