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Are you creating an inclusive workplace?

Two moving speeches remind Merge about the importance of creating inclusive workplaces. What are you doing to create such an environment?

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Conflict is necessary for high-performing teams

Merge’s recent article in Lab Manager magazine addresses the critical importance of healthy workplace conflict in teams.

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Professional paradise: oxymoron or business imperative?

How can you help your employees be more satisfied, energized and productive? How can you get them to Professional Paradise? Vicki Hess guests on the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog.

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Great teams make it “look easy”

Great teams are most evident in times of crisis. A recent conference experience at PMAC demonstrates how. What about your team?

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Is it better to go fast, or is it better to go farther?

An African proverb provides food for thought when it comes to building synergy and fostering teamwork. Offer your perspectives.

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Why conflict and disagreement are essential for high-performing teams

Achieving a balance between consensus and conflict; how to avoid the Abilene Paradox and groupthink. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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