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Empathy is no longer the most important workplace skill. It isn’t enough!

My latest column for The Globe and Mail went online last Friday.  Empathy is no longer the most important workplace skill. It isn’t enough got a lot more attention than I thought it would.  I started this column by writing:

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how will i know they're working

How will I know if they’re working?

“If they’re not in the office, how will I know if they’re working or not?”  Surprisingly, I still often hear some version of this question from managers in organizations. It reminds me of the panopticon, a concept that was originally

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make yourself available

Deliberately make yourself available to your staff

I’ve blogged previously about the importance of being present in your conversations with your employees, but today I want to come at this same subject from a more macro-perspective.  Today’s message: be seen, show your face, in other words, make

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inclusive language

Using inclusive language is not difficult

Emily Nichols is my professional colleague.  She is also an engineer who loved working in factories, but she didn’t always love being “one of the guys”.  She reminds us that words become habits, language evolves, and we control them both.

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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is good, but “belonging” is better

There is a well-known quote by diversity and inclusion expert Verna Myers that says “Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.”  And it is a statement that has resonated with me for many years

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compassionate workplace

Social connections → positive relationships → a compassionate workplace

Today’s post is Strategy #11 in our ongoing video tips series on creating a more compassionate workplace.  And the tip is to deliberately create opportunities for social interaction. Create opportunities for social connection In strategy #3 in our series, I

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