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Celebrate what you accomplished in 2012

January is always a great time to not only set goals and objectives for the upcoming year, but also to reflect back on the accomplishments of the year past. For two years now, encouraged by my professional colleague Debbie Elicksen, I’ve taken this message to heart and created a “shipped” list for the previous year. “Shipping” refers to a concept advocated by best-selling author Seth Godin. Not shipping of books or products to a destination, but rather the “shipping” of deliverables – getting things done, achieving goals, reaching the finish line, delivering completed products and services – you know, accomplishing significant goals and objectives.

I’m currently putting together my “shipped” list for 2012 and I’ll share it with you next week right here on my blog. But in the meantime, much like Debbie Elicksen issued the challenge to me, I am doing the same to you. Make a list of what you “shipped” in 2012. I think, like me, you’ll surprise yourself. It was amazing how many reasons we found here at mergespeaks Inc. to celebrate what we’ve accomplished. In case you want to see what a “shipped” list looks like, here are mine for 2010 and 2011. And oh yes, please do stop by the blog to share your accomplishments so that we can celebrate with you!

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