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Celebrating accomplishments is important!

HSBKioskToday’s blog post is a brag moment!

Like most of you, I too find it hard to brag about myself.  It’s easier to gracefully accept a compliment from others than it is to toot your own horn.  But … just about a year ago, one of my staff members pointed out to me that I am constantly pushing and encouraging the leaders I work with to always celebrate their successes. After all, we get so busy in our work lives that it’s not often that we stop and take the time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished. And celebration of achievements is so important to both employee morale as well as future success.   Her point was well taken!  So last fall, I celebrated with all of you, out loud, when I delivered my 1000th presentation as a professional speaker and trainer!

Well I’m celebrating again.  This past week I was given a great honour by my alma mater, the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary who featured me in their Alumni spotlight.  There it was … my (well-touched up) photo and a short description of my accomplishments … right there in the electronic display wall in the main entrance to the business school.  And, immortalized for posterity in their website!!  Very exciting and humbling at the same time!  By the way, in case you’re wondering, I got my MBA just a few years ago 🙂 … in 1988!

So … what professional or personal success have you achieved lately that deserves to be celebrated!  Tell us all here in the Comments section and we’ll celebrate with you!

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