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Communicating decisions you don’t agree with – Tip #1

As a leader, you’ll sometimes find yourself in the position of having to make unpopular decisions or communicate bad news to your staff.  And there will be times when these decisions are not of your making!  Which means that you can find yourself responsible for communicating and implementing decisions and changes that you don’t necessarily agree with.  Tough place to be: it’s hard to support and implement a decision if you don’t agree with it yourself!  So what can you do under such circumstances?  Well the obvious answer is that you have to come to terms with it yourself before you try to communicate or implement it, because if you don’t, you will, without meaning to, jeopardize your own credibility as a leader.  But as many of you have told me (and as I know myself from first-hand experience), “coming to terms with it” is easier said than done!  So today, I’m starting a five-part series of short videos that will give you key things to consider, to keep in mind, as you work through your own emotions when faced with such a situation.

Well, what do you think?  Is this easy or difficult to do? Please add your thoughts to the Comments section below.  I have four more specific ideas to give you over the next two weeks, but let’s get the conversation going now.

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