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Communicating decisions you don’t agree with – Tip #5

For the past three weeks, I’ve been video-blogging about what you can do as a leader when you find yourself charged with implementing changes or decisions that you don’t necessarily agree with. In the final analysis, you have a job to do, which means that you need to get past your own reservations and emotions and move forward with what you have been given responsibility for. In this final video in this five-part series, I lay out the final verdict.

So, in summary, here they all are listed below:

  1. Honestly assess where you are in the change response cycle
  2. Make sure you understand the reasons for the change
  3. Uncover your own reasons for resistance
  4. Identify the pain of not changing
  5. Take accountability for the decision anyway

Well, you now have them all. Agree or disagree? What did I miss? Please keep the conversation going.

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