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Communicating with confidence and clarity

The great folks at PDNet and CGA Canada have invited me to deliver a live webinar “Communicating with Confidence and Clarity” on Tuesday September 14, 2010 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.   If you’ve never attended a live webcast before, it’s a great way to get focused relevant learning right at your desk.  Using just your desktop or laptop computer, you’ll be able to view and hear the webcast.  Plus, a recorded version of the webcast will be available to all participants for one year.  Priced at just $169 ($139 if you’re a CGA member), it’s a steal!  REGISTRATION CLOSES 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS. SO DON’T DELAY!

When you need to speak to a group or make a presentation, do you wonder whether you’re projecting the professionalism and expertise you know you possess?  When you work with your bosses and peers, do you ever struggle with getting buy-in to your ideas and strategies?   What about getting people to act on the commitments they make? Do they follow through on what they promise?  If you’ve ever struggled (or gotten frustrated) with any of these issues, then do so no more! It is possible to deliver your message with clarity and composure. It is possible to think on your feet and craft a message on the fly. It is possible to speak directly, yet respectfully, and hold others accountable to their word.

This webcast will teach you:

  • How assertive communication is your key to establishing credibility and projecting confidence
  • Specific techniques to ensure that your message is clear AND that you’re taken seriously
  • One guaranteed method to enhance your credibility
  • One powerful verbal tool to stay calm and respond positively when faced with criticism
  • Six “magic” words and phrases that will advance dignity, respect, and influence in all your interactions
  • How to overcome your nervousness in meetings and in front of groups

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