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Communicating with Confidence – Live audio event on February 10

When you are suddenly faced with a situation in which you need to speak to a group or make a presentation, do you wonder whether you are projecting the professionalism and expertise you know you possess? Do you wrestle with getting others to buy-in to your ideas and strategies? What about getting people to act on the commitments they make? If you’ve ever struggled with any of these issues, then battle no more! It IS possible to deliver your message with control and composure. It IS possible to think on your feet and craft a message on the fly. It IS possible to speak directly, yet respectfully, and hold others accountable to their word. It IS possible, and I can help! On February 10, I’ll be leading an audio conference that will give you the skills to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility.   I hope you’ll join me.

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In one power-packed hour, right from the comfort of your office, I’ll give you specific, practical, and useful tools to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility. You’ll learn:

  • How assertive communication is your key to establishing credibility and projecting confidence
  • One guaranteed method to improve your communication
  • Specific techniques to ensure that your message is taken seriously
  • Seven ways to use body language to reinforce your message
  • Six “magic” words and phrases that will advance dignity, respect and influence in all your interactions
  • Five specific things that you can do to make a good first impression
  • How to overcome your nervousness in meetings and in front of groups

Join me on February 10, 2010 at 11 AM MST. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY until this Wednesday February 3!

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