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Conflict is necessary for high-performing teams

When it comes to high-performing work teams, conflict and disagreement are not necessarily bad things.  In fact, your goal as a leader is to create an optimum balance between consensus and conflict.  In the October 2012 issue of Lab Manager Magazine, I write on just this subject, and offer some insights into why it’s “oh so important” to create a working environment in which healthy conflict is welcomed and encouraged.

Read the article Conflict and Disagreement Are Not Always Bad: In fact, they are essential to high-performing work teams.

Then come on back to the blog and tell us what you think.  How can you make sure that conflict is healthy and constructive?

And Lab Manager Magazine and Unity Lab Services are sponsoring a webinar delivered by yours truly on November 7, 2012 titled: The Power of Teams to Grow Your Laboratory Business.  If you run a lab, you absolutely must be there!

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