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Consider your (and the other person’s) personality profile to improve your communication

Nathalie Plamondon-ThomasMy professional colleague, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, is a Transformation Expert, an 8 times International Bestselling Author, and the Founder of the THINK Yourself® Academy.  I am thrilled that she is guesting on the blog today, sharing her STYLE-L.I.S.T. assessment tool to discover your personality profile, so that you can interact better with people around you.



Do you find it challenging to connect with some of your coworkers, staff or superiors? Sometimes, you feel that they just don’t get it. They are clueless. However, the mismatch in communication may be due to the fact that You are not speaking their language.

Recognizing your own and the personality profile of the people you interact with can transform the way you collaborate, communicate, sell, lead and get along with others.  Using their preferred language can contribute to avoid conflicts and uncover potential areas of interpersonal complements with others.

Understanding the similarities and differences allows you to build on strengths, yours and theirs, as well as establishing strong and happy long-lasting relationships through excellent communication.

Here are the four personality styles that surround you and some suggested words to use when you want to get your point across.


A Leader is naturally dominant and confident, tasks-focused, action-oriented and motivated by challenge and competition. Leaders are movers and shakers.

When communicating with a leader, here are some of the words you can use:

I would like your lead on this… You would know more than me… I know your time is precious… I value your opinion… You are like a mentor to me… Be the first one to… I respect your point of view…


An interactive Influencer is highly social, enthusiastic and people-oriented and motivated by opportunity to pioneer new things. Influencers light up a room with their presence.

When communicating with an influencer, use the following words:

You are so great to be around… Having a good time… Creative, original, fun, unique… How would you like to… How about we try… That was amazing, I loved your…


A steady Supporter is loyal, patient, people-oriented, a great listener and nurturer. Supporters help maintain calm and carry on. They are inspired by a sense of security.

When communicating with a Supporter, use these words:

I really value your help… Take your time, think about it… That would really help… I need help… I would like your opinion… No need to get back to me right away… Let’s make this decision together…


A cautious Thinker desires accuracy, loves to deliberate on facts, are task-oriented, enjoys precision and being organized. Thinkers keep the rest of the population organized and on time.

When communicating with a Thinker, use the following words:

I know you are the person that can figure this out… It makes sense… When you think this through… When you analyze this… The process, the system… What are the steps… ? What are the best options… ?

You can find a link to take the quick STYLE-L.I.S.T. personality Test here:


Well, which personality profile (or style) are you?  Does what Nathalie describe resonate with your experiences?  Please share by adding your comments below.  And if you’d like to reach out to Nathalie directly, contact her through her website at

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