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The Greek symbol for change

If there’s one thing that is constant in our world of work, it’s change. Which means that one of your responsibilities as a leader is to be an agent of change. But as you’ve probably realized first-hand, not all your employees are comfortable with how quickly things are shifting in the workplace. And that can be frustrating! But I often find that supervisors and managers focus on the few individuals who are digging in their heels and clinging with their fingernails to the “way things were”. It would be far more effective for these managers to focus their energy on the early converters. Just as there are always a few who would much rather reminisce about “the good old days”, there are also always one or two on your team who are ready and raring to get rolling on the new initiative. By concentrating on these few, you can create momentum. Let’s face it … peer pressure can be far more effective than anything you can say as the boss. So let these early converters help you create energy and excitement about what’s new. As the impetus builds, your holdbacks will find it harder not to participate.

What do you think? Are there other things that you are doing to facilitate change in your organization?

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