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Dealing with dysfunctional workplace behavior

dysfunctional workplace behaviourIn the newest issue of CPA Magazine*, writer Deanne Gage pens an interesting article on anti-patterns – undesirable and dysfunctional workplace behavior that manifests over and over again – and she sought out Merge’s expertise for advice on how to overcome several common situations.  For strategies to deal with cookie lickers, mushroom managers, credit grabbers, and hammerheads (or if you just even want to know what these terms mean!), read the article:

Nailed! Knock out unhelpful patterns of workplace behaviour

* CPA Magazine is a new publication, just in its second issue, and has a circulation of over 180,000 to Canada’s most influential and foremost business decision makers.

So?  What do you think?  Do you have experiences with cookie lickers, mushroom managers, credit grabbers or hammerheads?  What advice would you offer to others? Please add your comments below.

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