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Delegating effectively – why you absolutely MUST learn to let go

If you are a manager or supervisor then you are entrusted with getting things done. And as a leader, that means getting things done through other people. Your challenge: other people don’t always do things the way you would!  And that can get VERY frustrating. You likely know many of the reasons you should be delegating more effectively – you build up the capabilities and confidence of your staff, you increase employee retention, and perhaps the most compelling reason, it allows you to get more things done.  But there is one benefit of delegating that you may not have considered.  Your ability to delegate makes you more promotable. Look around you, either in your organization or another, at the people whom you admire – these are the ones who have achieved admirable degrees of success, and these are also the people who have learned to delegate well.  When you delegate, you build depth behind you, and that means that you are available for bigger and better opportunities.  So, delegation isn’t just good for your people and your organization, it’s great for you!

So, are you a good delegator?
Find out whether you have mastered the attitudes and beliefs to be a successful delegator by completing this quick ‘n’ easy self-assessment.  Let me know how you do.

How well do you delegate?

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