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Do you (still) love your job?

My latest column in The Globe and Mail posted online on Friday.  And, no different than any other time, I’m so excited to tell you about it!

As we kick off the new year this month, I know that many people make resolutions, and sometimes these commitments to ourselves have to do with our jobs.  If you’ve been in your current job for two years or longer, you may be finding many tasks and situations tedious and repetitive.  The same-old same-old, both in the things you do and the people you deal with means that you may no longer love your job.  Perhaps you’re one of the many readers I hear from who is resolving to find a something new in 2023, either within the organization you’re already working for, or elsewhere.  But that isn’t necessarily always the best solution; you could end up jumping from the frying pan right into the fire!

Which is why I wrote this column.  In Nine ways to love your job again once tasks feel tedious, I make the case for why there can be value in staying with the tried-and-true, as long as you can find a way to love what you’re doing once again. And, of course, I offer nine ways to reinvigorate and refresh your attitude about your work.

love your job

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, you can also access this directly at their site via this link:

As always, I’d want to know what you think.  Do you love your job?  Did you ever love your job?  Does what I’m saying make sense?  Or should people look elsewhere if they are getting tired of where they are currently working?  Please share your thoughts by adding a comment below.

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