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Does your employee health and wellness policy include fun at work?

I’ve always said “If it’s fun, people will do it”. In fact, I’ve blogged in the past about a series of experiments sponsored by Volkswagen that proved this very hypothesis of the importance of fun at work:

Today though, I’m excited to have Robert Manolson, my professional colleague who is the creator of Powerful Play Experiences guesting on the blog. Not only does Robert have some practical advice on how to have fun at work, but in true fun playfulness, he also sent us a cool comic!

PowerfulPlayComic#3FUN AT WORK is permission for a time out from an all too busy world of work to manage stressors, strengthen employee relationships, and open lines of communication. FUN AT WORK creates a feeling of community in which team members are truly connected, operating more effectively with each other and generating more excitement and energy at the workplace.

A lighthearted introduction to a serious topic that prompts the obvious first question:

In your capacity of leadership and influence, are you spearheading a healthy Work-Fun Balance at your workplace? And if not, what’s stopping you?

Raising Fun Levels

What if your team members had permission for FUN AT WORK? 100% of people surveyed agree that they all can use more FUN AT WORK, generate more excitement and energy, and create a dynamic team of individuals working together as partners in their department’s success.

Including FUN AT WORK in your Employee Health & Wellness Policy. “What Do I Do?”

  1. Organize a set of standards in your best practices model around the driving belief that we need to have more fun. Your ability to focus on enhancing the value of your business by totally integrating this attitude into your best practices model results in organizational learning opportunities, AGMs, meetings, staff appreciation events, etc., that are more appealing, invigorating and leading edge for staff and management.
  1. While there may be different reasons or objectives as to why you want to harness the power of FUN AT WORK, it is vital to be clear as to your FUN AT WORK intentions that best fits with your particular workplace.
  • Create a Healthy Workplace Environment
  • Keep Valued Employees
  • Opportunities for Staff Training & Development
  • Employee Communication & Participation
  • Meaningful Staff Recognition & Rewards
  1. The general rule of thumb is to involve a broad range of staff and management in the planning process, yet keep the process simple and filled with lightheartedness. Most significantly, FUN AT WORK means giving attention to people’s concerns for safety. A safe experience is played with a responsibility that nobody is hurt, emotionally or physically. After all, at the end of the day it’s really all about a smile on everyone’s faces.

Next Steps?

Now, go ahead. Make it happen!

Well? What are you doing to make fun happen in your workplace? Please share by adding your Comments below.


  • Hi
    I like to have a balance at work between serious and fun activities; I find if you plan for fun it can happen even in serious situations!! We plan recognition with fun and respond to day to day needs in a happy way! Our large team of staff has become much more satisfied since my Assistant Director and myself took over the management of our large Day Program in September!!
    Donna B
    Day Program Director.

  • Couldn’t agree more with both of you Donna and Robert! Ironically, it takes work to spread positivity in organizations (a lot more work than it takes to spread negativity, unfortunately)!


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